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With a vast collection of inspiring resources create connections online that would help you deepen your faith journey.

We are Renewal, a dynamic, family church with people of all ages

Fireline church has a rich history for some years now and today it’s a home to many people from across the Midlands. We are a dynamic, family church with people of all ages and from all walks of life and you are welcome to join us.

Apostle Gaius Kalu

Apostle Gaius Kalu known as Pastor Kalu is a Christian faith leader, preacher and author.

I want to speak to the man of God

Life With God.

God Himself lives within us through His Holy Spirit.

Build family with others in your stage of life. Not sure where to begin?

Church is great, but don’t let the experience end when the service does. Our ministries meet in small groups outside of weekly services for fun activities, community service and group Bible discussions and sports.

Our Service Periods

We are a multi-cultural and multi-generational church committed to reaching the city of Houston. We exist to help you and your family grow closer to your God-given purpose.

Sunday Service

morning manner
Miracle service
10:00am- 12:00pm

Weekly Activities

Tuesday - Bible study
Thursdays: Thursday thunder(faith clinic)
Fridays- Fire nights
10:00pm- 2:00am

Please Note

contact us if you find *difficulty understanding the service sections.*

Sunday Service to Nourish your Soul.

Attend Sunday service with open-heartedness to connect with others and a higher power.

Weekly Classes for Stronger Faith.

Learn and grow in faith with practical tools taught by knowledgeable teachers at church classes.

Join Church Rehearsals for Harmony.

Join choir and other activities to increase your connection with God. Contact the choir director.

Improve your relationship with God.

Connect with God through regular prayer, Bible study, forgiveness, and love.

Frequently Asked Question

Your questions has been answered below and you’re free to reach out to us if you want to be part of us.

Attending church each Sunday is a respite from fast-paced daily living. We slow down for two hours each week to reflect, worship God, strengthen our spiritual faith.

If you want to know how to dress for church, something modest and comfortable should be fine. Tennis shoes may be alright for certain church events but during Sunday services, some form of dress shoes should be worn. Women may wear dress pants to church, but leggings and skinny jeans are not usually a good choice.

They believe that there is only one person in the Godhead – Jesus Christ. The United Pentecostal Church International explains it like this: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not names of separate persons, but titles of positions held by God. . .

Child care services made possible by the church and very much comfortable  for child care, supervision, education, guidance, and transportation.

Attending church each Sunday is a respite from fast-paced daily living. We slow down for two hours each week to reflect, worship God, strengthen our spiritual faith.

We’re located 1/3 Fireline Avenue off Gravel Waterside Ogborhill Aba.

There's a place for everyone in the house of God

Peace for Everyone in the House of God” is a spiritual book that focuses on finding inner peace through faith using Biblical teachings. The author shares personal stories, practical advice, and encourages prayer and meditation to overcome life’s challenges. It is accessible to readers of all backgrounds and perfect for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and find lasting peace.

I want to be part of this great ministry

Teachings for the deaf

Teaching deaf is a very rewarding experience and it will never be boring.

choir ministration

The lord deserve your praise, join us today let’s join hands to give him thanks. 

Orphanage Visitation

It’s is said “give and it shall be given onto you” support the orphanage today.


speared the word of the lord and redeem soul for Christ and be rewarded.

Support through christ lead.

Generosity, the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. 

Support the orphanage

Sterling Bank

tithing Payment

Sterling Bank